63 cool DIY recipes!

I never saw this site before–I don’t know how I’ve missed it:

Budget101.com–MYO recipes

Like many of my favorite DIY sites, this one is more focused on saving money than on greenness per se–but as I’ve said so often before, learning how to make our own staples out of pantry-stuff-at-hand or things we can buy in bulk cuts back on packaging and transport costs and the carbon footprint associated with both.  Plus I’m in favor of anything that gives me the option to not buy the complicated stuffs in the supermarket.

This site has make-your-own or make-a-substitute versions for lots of the highly processed things we run across in mainstream recipes all the time, from the sublime to the ridiculous–sweetened condensed milk, cool whip, and tater tots on the one side, marzipan and wonton wrappers and homemade ricotta on the other.  And while I doubt if I will ever, ever, feel the desire to make homemade bran flakes, it’s nice to know I could if I chose to.

Like I said, too–many of these are substitution kinds of things rather than really “make your own”–sometimes for the better.  Under “light corn syrup” you’ll basically find a recipe for cane sugar syrup, which I would prefer immensely.  And it seems like powdered milk is a staple ingredient in a lot of these recipes; I’ve taken to keeping some around all the time, and I use it far more than I would have anticipated.

I am looking forward to checking out the rest of this website too–but in the meantime, bookmark this!


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