The Chicken Wars rage on

Has anyone else been following Jill Richardson (of La Vida Locavore, a de riguer blog for those interested in what they eat and where it comes from…this chick is great!) (er…pun not intended, honestly.) and her posts about trying to change the local law against keeping chickens, so she can have her own small flock for egg-raising?  It’s fairly harrowing…

The latest was someone publishing an editorial in the local paper about how ridiculous it was that she would ask such a thing, after which there were a whole mess of letters to the editor slamming the editorial.  If I were Jill, right about now I’d be childishly doing the whole “nanny nanny boo boo” thing and feeling very smug.

I still have mixed feelings about the chicken thing…that question (raised by someone…possibly even Jill in an earlier installment of her Chicken Project posts?) about how, if everyone wants hens and no one wants roosters, what happens to the boychicks? is one that bothers me.  And hiring a chicken-sitter for our annual vacations will surely be no picnic…

Well, I’ll keep thinking about it.  It’s a big step…


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  1. I’m 3 months into chicken keeping and planning a post on it in February. The boy chick thing is an issue – either what happens to them at the hatchery or what happens to them if you get straight run (not sexed) and end up with roosters. We ended up with two roosters. Quite the soap opera.

    Chickens are loads of fun but they are a lot of work and a steep learning curve. I imagine things will be easier in the spring once everyone is older and the weather warmer.

    • greenmomintheburbs

      Did anyone not see that horrible video of the male chicks at the hatchery? that’s imprinted on my brain forever, I’m afraid, to the point where I don’t think I could keep chickens unless I knew that was somehow not happening…

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