But I love popcorn…

Interesting how blog posts in the World of the Green Stuff tend to circle around similar topics (presumably because we read each others’ blogs and blog about what we’ve read…)

I’ve been living in unapologetic denial for years about my and my husband’s microwave popcorn habit.  We don’t overdo that much, but we keep it around and eat easily a bag or two a week.  Then this article shows up in my Google Reader:

Study Finds Popcorn Butter Alternatives Also Toxic

Great.  Wonderful.  I was still happy in denial about the toxicity of the first round of chemicals they put in that bag, and now they are already decrying the safety of the stuff by which the original stuff was replaced.  Is this the oncoming of a “pay attention” new year’s resolution opportunity? To find alternatives to microwave popcorn?  Could be…

Because the very next day, also in my Google Reader, I came across this one:

How to Make Your Own Microwave Popcorn

So I may have to try this…I’d never heard of the smearing butter on the inside of the bag trick, and I wonder if it’ll work? Reports to come later…


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  1. I really always loved our air popper that I grew up with…. I wonder if mom still has it…. 🙂

  2. greenmomintheburbs

    Yeah, I know, air-popped is supposed to be the best for you…but it’s so bland without butter, and it’s so hard to put butter on popcorn without using a crazy large mess of it and going totally ridiculously calorie-laden. Which is why I’m wondering about that butter-the-inside-of-the-bag thing. I wonder if that would enable one to have butter flavor without using as much butter?

    • I get Pops Corn, lite butter, which is organic and has remarkably few additives and really tastes like popcorn should taste, without the fakey butter taste and without the greasy fingers and without so many calories. Its all a lot about getting used to different flavors, rather than hanging onto the old ones.

      • greenmomintheburbs

        But popcorn is supposed to make your fingers sort of greasy, right? 🙂 It’s all that yummy butter…

        Sigh…but if that’s what we eat when we’re at your place, it’s pretty good! I’ll check it out. Thanks!

  3. Yep, I about cried when I read that in a book this summer. The good news is that we’d already bought a popcorn popper. The flavor is a lot better, we can control the fat, and I have to worry about fewer chemicals.

    That being said, i do confess to injesting a bagful of it when I found a leftover package yesterday. Oops.

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