Happy New Year!

Here I sit, at a fairly late hour of the morning, still wearing the flannel nightgown I made myself (that matches my daughter’s Christmas Eve nightgown–lots of butterflies, because she loves butterflies), sipping coffee from my new single-serving French Press (Yay!!!  I never thought of blogging as a way to tell people what I really want for Christmas, but this year I got not only a French Press but the fabulous Lorax print I’ve been coveting for months…)

Okay, sure, we had some gifts with some fairly serious packaging to deal with.  I love that my daughter got the new Tiana barbie-type doll (tees me off when all the princesses seem to be blond and fair and wear pink–Tiana is a truly welcome exception who I hope represents not an exception but a trend), but the size and complexity of her package was unbelievable.  The Lego star wars things my son got are better–just the box and some think plastic packaging, but still a little overkill.  (And I was really touched that my big brother went to the trouble of tracking down a bunch of the little Lego Star Wars characters on Ebay…my son wasted no time in starting a Jedi School where Luke could teach all the other little guys how to use a lightsaber.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him that Yoda was already a Jedi master.) I don’t understand why stuff needs to be packaged like that…but on the other hand, cult popularity, gender roles, and peer pressure aside–my crabby green self has to admit that these are awesome toys for my kids.  Model-building, creative pretend play, fine motor skill-building, all sorts of really good stuff.  (This Green-Reverse-Snobbery thing is something I know I have to work on…) And heck, when I was a kid I loved loved loved Barbies and Legos–they were the toys I got at maybe age 4 or 5 and played with till I was maybe 12.  It doesn’t have to be lovingly crafted natural wood, necessarily, to be a toy worth the carbon footprint of its production, you know?  (yeah, yeah, I know the companies that manufacture them have some issues, and the rabid marketing-driven consumerism with which these toys normally go hand in hand is insane…but I suspect there’s a happy medium to be found somewhere, ya know?)

I also gave copies of Artisan Bread in Five Minutes Or Less to two family members, and made bread for them while I was there, so I hope they give it a shot and enjoy it…and my mom liked her reusable sandwich wraps (though I still owe her a few more, having run out of time), and I did make my sister-in-law a simple little blue-jeans bag and pretty much everyone in the family got a bar of handmade soap from the kids.  So my Greener Stay Away From The Mall self comported herself fairly well over Christmas, I think…

So–Happy New Year to all! May 2010 be verdant and happy for all!


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