Barefoot Books

I discovered a really cool company today at our school’s annual book fair–Barefoot Books.

This company, started by two moms who were frustrated by the lack of diversity and planet-awareness and cultural understanding in the books their kids were reading, carries some lovely products.  I bought my daughter a book called Starlight Sailor, which features (among some of the most gorgeous artwork I’ve ever seen) a friendly red-gold female dragon and a princess with black hair and glasses. (I.e., pretty far from the Disney Princess mentality!)

They carry a kid-friendly vegetarian recipe book, a yoga card set that promotes personal and planetary wellness, plus of course the charming story of Herb, the Vegetarian Dragon.  They have fairy tales and stories from different worldwide cultures (not just Western European) and princesses who do their own saving…just good stuff, good messages, the kind of thing I’m happy to have my kids reading and learning.

Okay, so they are not a “local” business to me (the North American end of things is in Concord, Massachusetts, I think)…but at the same time, supporting businesses like this is something I’m happy to send some of my money toward.  Better them than HellMart, by a long shot!

If you don’t know about it yet, check out the 3-50 project–the gist of it is this: pick three small businesses you’d miss if they were gone, and make a point to spend $50 each month at them. Barefoot Books just made my list.

What small companies do you know of that you’d miss if they were gone, and what would you like to share with the rest of us?

I’m convinced that the mommy bloggers spreading the word can produce a delightful viral revolution if we put our minds to it…let’s infect the world!


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