Happy Thanksgiving!

We are looking forward to a lovely calm family holiday weekend.  The original plan was to head back East to where we all grew up, where my mom cooks a fabulous free range turkey that almost brushes against the sides and top of the oven, it’s so big, complete with stuffing and sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes and gravy and cranberry relish and God knows what’all else.  There are always three pies, and we are one of those families where most members unapologetically ask for “a sliver of each,” because it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving unless you tasted the pumpkin, apple, and pecan pies.  Every chair in the house has someone’s rear end in it, there are several tables, and the whole family and extended family show up. (Our family isn’t that huge–for us, a Thanksgiving with 15 people is fairly ginormous and chaotic.)  Unfortunately, my mom busted her ankle while at their most-of-the-year house 14 hours away, and the doc said the two days of driving without any chance of elevating the foot would be absolutely not a good idea, not to mention that subsequently busting her posterior to assemble the feast would be a little unrealistic, so for the first time in many years the Giant Thanksgiving Festivities will not be taking place. 

So instead, I’ve got my own free range turkey, much smaller, and we’ll cook up our own mini-feast.  We’ll miss the family gathering, the chaos and noise, and my mom’s fabulous turkey (though if I do say so, mine is pretty good too–after all, who’d I learn from?), but it’ll still be a really nice day.  (I will probably only make two pies.  For 4 people. I happen to really like pie for breakfast. Leftovers rule.)

If we were going to all be together, I would’ve printed up this article about how to get non-violent polite green conversations going over the Thanksgiving table…it would’ve been fun to try some of these out!  Suggestions for how to handle skepticism over global warming, the aunt who “loves her SUV,” insistences that what we eat has nothing to do with our health, stuff like that.

I have much to be thankful for. Wishing everyone a wonderful day! (And I’m deciding here and now that I’m going to stay away from the computer tomorrow. So there.) Happy Thanksgiving!


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