Cocoa Krispies–better than the vaccine?

Does this not make you want to throw nasty moldy pumpkins at those annoying little Rice Krispie elves?

cocoa-krispies FAILCocoa Krispies cereal is being marketed as being able to “boost immunity.”  This is almost worse, to my eyes, than the ridiculous (and failed) “Smart Choices” campaign that died a quick and ignominious death–this is using the flu epidemic to scare parents and try to convince them that buying a cereal with sugar as its number one ingredient is going to keep their kids safe.  Their rationale for this is that they’ve sprayed some extra processed Vitamin A, B, C, and E onto their processed sugar crap, and those vitamins (which are of questionable use to the body anyway given their source, and which have a tendency to wash away in the milk) boost immunity.

This crap makes me want to scream.

(UPDATE: looks like some other people did the screaming for me…Kelloggs is apparently ditching that labeling from their boxes.  It’ll take a while for all the old boxes to take effct, but once they’re gone, they’re gone. Whew.)


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  1. What a sham. I hate the advertising these companies are doing. Shoppers don’t look at ingredients, they look at the packaging, and if someone sees ‘immunity’ they think it’s really true. Yeah, it’s TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Your blog is cool. I love your attitude!

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