My husband sent me a link to this article from Scientific American:

Engineering the Planet to Dodge Global Warming

Can geoengineering buy time to combat climate change?

Failure to make difficult choices to cut greenhouse gas emissions exposes humanity to an increasingly dire set of climate scenarios. But there is a way to buy time: Geoengineering.

The idea of tinkering with planetary controls is not for the faint of heart. Even advocates acknowledge that any attempt to set the Earth’s thermostat is full of hubris and laden with risk….

(Click here for full article)

All I can think of is, Didn’t any of these people see The Core???


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  1. this is so….well, AMERICAN! Dont inconvenience yourself by actually CHANGING your habits. Dont piss off your constituencies by actually DOING something re legislation (Politicians!) Dont sweat the “hard choices” Just let science find us a way to “fix” things without our having to do anything. Remember the old TV ad (for something or other) “You cant fool Mother Nature!” This is one of the scariest “solutions” to global warming that I have ever read. Who are these idiots, anyway????

  2. lol, i, like grandma, agree. so uncool…

    sigh. it’s a huge movement right now and very much the “micro” approach to science as opposed to the more real “macro” dynamic interactions. we have no idea what one change could do to the delicate system that we call Mother Earth.

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