Even if global warming weren’t real…

Okay, I love this article.

So what if global warming is a hoax?

This article from the fabulous grist.org talks about why conservation would still be a good idea even if there were no evidence of global warming–makes sense, no?

This is another good one–

How the green economy can help low income women

This one is also interesting, although I think it skated over a few issues…its basic thrust is that while in the past there has been a definite gender gap in job type–few women are, say, plumbers or roofers, whose per-hour average pay is considerably more than, say, preschool teachers, which are overwhelmingly female-dominated jobs.  So the economics of the gender gap have a whole lot to do with why there are proportionally so many women in poverty, and the new surge of green jobs provides a real opportunity to make sure that low-income women get trained in those new green jobs.

(What it doesn’t address is how that’s going to happen, whether anyone but Grist is paying attention to it, and how the women in question will pay for child care while they train for these jobs.)

It’s funny…I hear so many stories about how many of us got into the whole green thing not for lofty reasons but because it just sort of Made Sense–fiscally, ethically, conveniently, as well as all the higher planetary reasons.  It’s true on so many levels…


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