My latest ebay success…

My daughter is a very girly little girl. Well, she also runs around with lightsabers and thinks slugs are cute. But in general, she’s all about the princesses and the pretty dresses and the tiaras and stuff.

One of the outgrowths of this is her disdain for pants of any kind and jeans especially–she only wants to wear dresses.  And now that it’s gotten colder, we were sort of at a loss for sufficiently “girly” clothes for her to wear to schoool, especially clothes that we wouldn’t worry overmuch if she got a little paint or black mud on.

I have sung ebay’s praises in the past; I think the whole site is fabulous.  So naturally, when I needed clothes for my daughter, that’s where I headed.  Below is a photo of my latest hoard, purchased in 6 separate transactions:

ebay purchases

Five long-sleeved dresses, just a little too large for her (see the rolled up sleeves in the pictures?), four of which look absolutely brand new and one of which just shows a little wear.  Four of them are by Hanna Andersson, these amazingly well-made kids’ clothes that retail for $40-$60 per dress ($36 for the striped one); the fifth dress and the two pairs of leggings are Gymboree. (I love love love the Hanna Andersson stuff–it wears really well, doesn’t get all pilly and threadbare, and if you buy it a little big can give you several years of good wear before you pass it on to someone else still looking good…)

Five really well-made dresses, two pairs leggings, total cost including shipping $90.  This will take care of her cool-weather girlywear for at least two, maybe three winters.

Ebay so rocks.


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