Green products that work (and Who Owns the Organics?)

I was happy to find this article on The Daily Green–but surprised by some of what was on it.

Specifically, Clorox Green Works cleaning products.  I confess, when I first saw these on the shelf, I rolled my eyes and chalked it up to another attempt at corporate greenwashing. But according to the Green:

Green Works Natural Bathroom Cleaner, which removes soap scum, hard water stains and rust, is made with at least 95% natural plant and mineral-based biodegradable cleaning ingredients. In the Good Housekeeping Research Institute’s environmental evaluations, the product did particularly well in the following areas:

  • toxicity and product safety
  • sourcing of product ingredients
  • sourcing of packaging materials, especially using recycled content in their packaging and packaging recyclability
  • producing low levels of VOCs.

Green Works and its parent company Clorox are also taking substantial steps to improve the environmental impact of their company as a whole, committing to measure and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, water and energy use and waste.”  

So.  Okay.  Good to know.

There was also an interesting article on Eco Salon exploring the stories of some popular organic brands…also worth a look!


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  1. Great links – especially the EcoSalon article. Now I know which brands to support.

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