Meatless Mondays–if it ticks off the beef industry, they’re doing something right.

I love this article, absolutely love it:

Meatless Mondays Draw Industry Ire

(My favorite part is when the meat industry people complain about the “lack of protein” in what the school is serving on Mondays, like grilled cheese sandwiches and black beans and rice with salsa…)

Things like this article make me want to giggle and hug myself…because it shows we’re winning. And how scared they are.

(More Meatless Mondays information can be found at–check it out!)


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  1. Before this was embraced by the Baltimore School system, it was an initiative out of Johns Hopkins. They have some great recipes on their website.

    Notice the meat industry had to go to Lou Dobbs to find someone as shocked as they were about this “travesty.”

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