Pasta Fazool–the cure for what ails.

I have the flu again. I wish I knew why every time a new bug hits the neighborhood, it immediately seems to go, “Hey! Party at Jenn’s!” and comes over to trash the place with all its friends who proceed to reproduce in my bronchial tubes and sinus cavities.

I have a great spouse–he’s been amazing about taking care of the kids, keeping things moving, and giving me some peace and quiet to rest and hopefully heal.  His culinary abilities are a little limited, though, and I wanted soup. So I did seriously the absolutely easiest soup recipe I’ve ever tried, largely out of my freezer.

I love my crockpot.

Yesterday morning I found a quart of frozen turkey broth in the freezer.  (By the way, I washed my hands thoroughly before I touched anything in the kitchen.) I threw it into the crockpot.  I threw a bunch of sliced-and-quartered frozen zucchini from the summer in there, too, and four “bean muffins”–when I made beans I put them into muffin tins in half-cup portions, froze them, and then transfered them to a bigger bag so I can now pull out half a cup of beans whenever. So, about two cups of beans…half a bag of frozen bell peppers.  Two big spoonfuls of diced minced garlic (what we call “jarlic” around here, since I seldom actually dice my own real cloves and rely on the jars).  A can of diced minced tomatoes.  Moved the frozen-quart-cylinder thing of broth around so I could close the lid.  Turned it on low and forgot about it. Went to bed. Watched a lot of really bad TV.

By early evening, I threw some leftover cooked pasta in that the kids hadn’t eaten; I could as easily have tossed some dry stuff in instead, though it cooks up sort of slimy in a crockpot if you do it that way.  Half a jar of spaghetti sauce, a few teaspoonfuls of various italian spices like oregano and basil and thyme, and I always do fennel too (because it makes me think there’s sausage in there–fennel is the main Italian sausage seasoning).  Forgot about it for another hour.

Hit the spot.  This was really good soup, especially with a little Parmesan sprinkled on it.

I love my crockpot. I love my husband. Not in that order.


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