Alicia Silverstone and cow farts

I admit very few of my brain cells have been devoted in any way to Alicia Silverstone’s existence over the past several years (though I do enjoy Clueless in the same way I enjoy Romy and Michelle…but I digress…).  On some level I think I heard that she is a die-hard environmentalist, but honestly she just hasn’t been on my radar.

Then I read this interview over on TreeHugger…and I honestly might buy her book.   Amazon doesn’t have a “look inside” function on this one, which is unfortunate, but it looks like it’s something that sort of allows and invites non-vegans to gently test the waters and move in that direction. 

If I do get it, I’ll let you know! (And if you’re wondering where the cow farts reference came from, you’ll have to read the interview.)



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  1. I’ve been thinking along these lines lately. I’ll have to take a peek at the book. Wonder if our library will have it.

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