Daily Archives: October 25, 2009

The 3/50 project

350_project_200x177Thanks to Jess over at The Green Phone Booth for alerting me to this–please, anyone who reads this, spread the word!

The 3/50 project is about an effort–a manageable one, something most of us really can legitimately take part in–to support our local small businesses. 

In effect, it says this:

1. think of three small businesses you frequent that you would miss if they suddenly were gone? Choose your three, and make a point to go in regularly, share a conversation or smile with the proprietors, and maybe buy something.

2. if 75% of employed people spent $50/month in locally owned independent businesses, more than$42 billion would be generated and 68% of it would go back into the community through taxes, payroll,  etc.  (Only abotu 42% of chain businesses go back into the community.)

So check it out, spread the word!