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APLS and Blog Action Day double duty post–On Green Presence



Since the green movement relies so heavily on repurposing, no one will mind if I use this post for both the APLS October carnival and today’s Blog Action Day for Climate Change, right? It kinda fits both, and I’d honestly say a lot of the same things, so why not just write one, right?


Two quotes came to my mind when I saw this month’s APLS blog subject, “How do you proselytize Green?”  By extension, how do you share your beliefs, your convictions, your processes, your way of life with the world where sustainability and halting our damage to the planet are concerned?

The first quote I thought of is commonly attributed to Saint Francis, who I think would be a good patron saint of the Green movement, if it needed one*. The saying goes, “Go out and preach the Gospel.  Use words when necessary.”

The second quote that came to mind is something I heard several years ago, a maxim from the business world (I’m a musician, a writer, a composer, and a granola mom.  To me, the Business World is as exotic and strange and implausible as the Emerald City, but that’s just me): “People only hear answers to the questions they are asking.”

Saint Francis and Big Business. An interesting pairing.  But there you go.

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Garbage Soup

I love soup.  Just the concept of it is amazing. The way I make it at least once a week from October to February and never make exactly the same thing twice.  The way almost anything can be repurposed as soup.

Dinner the other night was the ultimate “garbage soup”–not a single ingredient bought on purpose, but all of it just sort of Found somewhere in my kitchen.

We started with the broth I’d made from the organic free range chicken I roasted Thursday night.  We ate chicken for dinner, I pulled off most of the rest of the meat for the hubby and kids to munch while I was out of town, and I stuck the carcass (still stuffed with herbs and onion) into the crockpot with a bunch of water.  Strained it the next morning and had two quarts of broth. (And returned from my trip to find a good bit of the chicken still not eaten, which ticked me off a little until tonight.)

One of those quarts went into the soup pan tonight, after I sauteed the package of mushrooms I’d forgotten about that were getting a little slimy.  So did the leftover chicken bits, probably a little questionable to just eat after 4 days, but after boiling in the soup pot for two hours would surely be absolutely fine. (As usual, the disclaimer: the Greenmom will not be responsible for other people following her not-necessarily-safe food advice. Take responsibility for your own and your children’s digestive tracts.) 

Found half a bag of baby carrots forgotten in the crisper drawer, sort of dessicated and ugly but fine for soup.  Sliced them up and tossed them in.  The remains of a bag of chopped bell peppers; in they went.  Half a cup of leftover gravy from roast chicken night. In it goes. That 1/3 cup or so of leftover garlic mashed potatoes? Eh, why not? In they go. Soup thickens a little that way.  Hey, wait a minute, what’s in that container back there? Oh hell, that’s that pearl barley I cooked I don’t remember how long ago…looks fine, smells fine, what the heck? Nothing wrong with it that a couple of hours boiling in the pot won’t fix right up. (Disclaimer; read the disclaimer.) Five minutes before serving, threw in the rest of the bag of chopped spinach from the freezer.

By the time we actually sat down to eat, there was this lovely thick pot of chicken soup with barley and mushrooms, into which I think I threw a few herbs and a little salt, but otherwise it was completely a fridge-cleaner. And it was yummy.  Rosemary foccacia on the side. 

Very nice dinner. Soup rocks.