Happy Birthday, short guy!

It’s my son’s birthday.  He is milking it for all he’s worth. “The birthday boy doesn’t have to set the table, right?” “Since it’s my birthday, can we have whipped cream on our hot chocolate?” “Last year on my birthday, you said we could have dinner wherever I wanted.”

I am, of course, indulging him deeply.  I only drew the line when he said birthday boys shouldn’t have to change their socks and the ones he wore all day yesterday and all night should be perfectly fine for today.  And when I gave him The Look and handed him the clean socks, he darkened his eyes and glared at me, and said, “You’re making me Unhappy. On my birthday.”

It’s interesting to note that even when kids are pushing the limits as far as they can, they recognize when the limits are hit and back down fairly easily when they know they don’t have a prayer. When he got onto the bus, he had clean socks on.

My husband and I have choir practice tonight (I’m the director, so the option of blowing it off because it’s my son’s birthday doesn’t really apply), so we had festivities Part I this morning–he wanted pancakes for breakfast. It was just another of those mornings where the ease and fun of creating so much “convenience” food on my own really hit home.  It was cool.

For the pancakes, I used the rest of my homemade baking mix, which only needs eggs, milk, and a little melted butter to create really yummy multigrain pancakes.  On the pancakes we had some of the spiced apple cane syrup that was a delightfully unexpected byproduct of making spiced apple rings.  The kids drank homemade hot cocoa; my husband and I each had a cup of the winter spice tea that we blended last Christmas for the kids to take teachers as gifts. 

It was just…neat. And not one iota more difficult than buying the pre-made stuff would have been, and a lot cheaper.



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  1. i love birthdays and i am guilty for milking it for all it’s worth- for about an entire week. I figure that there is so much negative connotations the older you get, that we really should take longer to celebrate 🙂

    So- we have several fun outings with friends, cake could last a whole week….

    I heart my birthday 🙂

  2. greenmomintheburbs

    You’re smart; I love your take on it. I’m still regretting that I did not insist on 40 ACTUAL candles on my cake last year, to demonstrate that my lungs are only getting better with time. (I insisted at 30, and I nailed every one of those suckers. Blew wax everywhere.) Maybe I’ll take your cue this year…:-)

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