A dinner I’m proud of

Tonight we had a Real Dinner.

We eat together every night, or mostly together (Tuesdays because of soccer practice and dance class the kids eat earlier…I can’t believe we’re only at ages 4 and 6 and this stuff is already happening), but a lot of nights the dinner is pasta with jarred (or lately, thawed that I made a couple of months ago) sauce or pizza on naan flatbreads and such.  But tonight…

Chicken Piccata, or a stew-like concoction thereof, that I threw into the crockpot this morning and basically got to forget about, served over pearl barley.

Homemade fresh baguette.

Green beans and broccoli from the farmers market, cooked so lightly they still crunched.

For dessert, homemade applesauce. 

The cool part of it is that this stuff is essentially pretty easy.  I’m a lazy cook, and I’m a busy working mom, so I don’t have time to do a lot of menu planning and standing in the kitchen futzing.  Anything I can’t do in 30 minutes, I don’t make.  The exceptions are things like crockpot meals and the bread–neither take much energy at all, I just have to plan ahead and, in the case of the bread, be around to dash in and throw something into the oven or set something to heat or whatever.  But essentially, if it ain’t easy, I don’t do it.

I love that, every so often, I can pretend I’m a Real Cook and make a dinner like this. I love even more that, the longer I work on this process of preparing and freezing my own food and not relying on processed and prepared stuff, the easier it is and the more often “every so often” can happen.

And now we have chicken and barley for tomorrow night…and soup makings for Sunday…and dough in the fridge for more bread…we’re good to go for several days now.

It’s all good.


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