Interview with Annie Leonard

Seems like Annie Leonard’s The Story of Stuff video has moved into the sights of the wingnuts Those Who Exercise Their Right To Disagree With Everything The Green Movement Stands For.  I’m not going to post links to the various critiques that have popped up, or at least gained notice in a delightfully viral way, over the past few days–y’all have Google Search too, you can find them if you want to see them. (Try searching Glenn Beck and Fox News.)

What I did find was an interview with Ms. Leonard that expands on some of the thoughts in the movie, and I personally think it’s worth a read even though it’s going on two years old.

For the record, I’m not entirely comfortable with the level of hype and statistic-slanting Leonard uses throughout the video to make her points…but overall I think the points she’s making are very important ones.


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