Too Much Stuff…

Just a brief moment of bemoaning…I’ve just given my office piles the first really good clean-out they’ve had in about 2 years…and I’ve just FILLED two boxes with paper Stuff to be recycled.  Magazines, handouts, promotional materials, catalogs, things I’ve picked up or been handed at work conventions…it’s unbelievable

photo recycling landscape

Before the birth of my greener conscience, I would have felt fairly satisfied at this–I’ve gotten a lot of unneeded crud out of my office.  I can see the top of the piano again, not to mention my desk.  I can tell the difference between things that I need to deal with and things I don’t think I’ll ever need to deal with but don’t feel like dealing with.  But now…I look at all this waste and go, wow. How did I let all this stuff get into my space, when it was probably fairly obvious at the outset that most of it never needed to be printed or mailed to me or anything like that.  At home we’re on all the do not mail lists, so our junk mail has dropped dramatically.  But at work, it’s everywhere, and it’s not even all junk–these are catalogs of places I regularly buy from, and every time I buy from them I get another catalog.  No matter that I shopped on the web and placed the order there, no matter that I just never even look at the catalogs when they come, I just get sent them.  And these boxes just represent the piles of things that seemed important enough not to drop immediately into recycling the second they arrived in my office…

Anyone have any ideas of how to deal with the next layer of Wasted Paper, the stuff that comes into one’s not-so-green work environment from lots of not-so-green businesses it works with?


p.s. yes, our community has incredible diversity in terms of what we’re allowed to recycle, so if you look at that picture and go OMG, she can’t put that in there!–actually, here, we can.  Sort of nice.

p.p.s. it should also be noted that my greener conscience only took root within the last year or so, so a lot of this paper is pre-conscienceconsciousness…it’s still sort of pathetic.

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  1. The only thing that has worked for us is to be super diligent and call every time we get a piece of junk mail and ask to be removed from their list. That mostly works but I get a little complacent every now and then. Also, when I do order something, I always specify – in CAPS – that I not be added to any sort of mailing list.

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