Feeling all warm and fuzzy and local today

All I can say is, Go Whole Foods.

The bad news: I stopped in this morning for milk and laundry detergent. I came out $50 later schlepping three bags. (This is not unusual for me.)

The good news: apparently all the stuff WF has been saying about how they will be selling more and more local goods is true, and they’re really doing it.  (At least mine is.) This was the day I walked in and the first Michigan apples were making an appearance, at only a dollar a pound. (Applesauce day! Haul out the peeler, haul out the crockpot…)  Amidst the terrifying variety of eggs (organic, organic cage free, cage free not organic, organic not cage free, organic and cage free but from Texas) I found eggs from ILLINOIS. They aren’t organic, but they are cage free and they are local. So I bought ’em. Which means I can make more egg custard.  I am going to try the cheesemaking thing again today or Monday, so I wanted to buy some good whole milk–and I could choose between Wisconsin goat milk or Iowa grass-fed whole cow milk.  (Okay, the laundry detergent is from Vermont, but it’s Seventh Generation, so I guess that’s something.)

Time to go peel some apples…



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  1. Yes, our WF is having more local goods too. Even better is a local grocer that just opened up and has all kinds of fruits and veggies from our valley. Gotta love how the Eat Local movement is actually moving.

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