Milk as garden fungicide? Who knew?

The researchers at Science Daily, that’s who.

Another thing that happened to my Giant Mutant Zucchini Plants while we were on vacation was that the leaves developed this white powdery looking stuff.  I of course thought it was some horrible blight thing that my garden would never recover from (I live in terror of squash beetles, nasty little buggers that destroy your crop and survive underground through the winter so you basically can’t plant squash or any of its relatives in that garden spot for a couple more years till you know they’re gone…that’s why I planted marigolds and fennel all through my veggie garden…)

Turns out it was plain old powdery mildew, a condition treatable with, believe it or not, a 1:5-1:10 dilution of milk in water, sprayed over several days.  Unfortunately, I won’t get to test the theory this year, since when I saw the damage I panicked and was sure I had the Evil Blight Bugs in my garden and yanked them all out before researching–so no more mildew, but also no more squash plants. Besides, they are done producing and we’re getting ready to start next spring’s compost (another post for later: we’re shopping for composters. We’ll post about that in a few days!), and we can use them for green compostable stuff–but there’s the research anyway!

Also interesting: whey is also credited with the same ability to kill mildew on plants, which means once I finally get around to making my 30 minute mozzarella, I’ll have some of that too…too bad I yanked the plants out as quickly as I did; this would have been interesting to test…



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