Preserve the earth’s beauty, but go gentle on the booty…(recycled toilet paper)

Please pardon the eye-roll-worthy title; I couldn’t resist.

seventh gen tpOkay, this is a blog post that I wanted to write myself, but then I discovered someone else had already done the research and written it much better than I could have:

The author reviews several brands of post-consumer content (recycled) toilet paper for comfort and durability and actually comes up with a winner…This will be one of those areas of greenness where my husband might fight me a little…but I’ll win him over.

(Paper towels are our family’s biggest stumbling block; we use ridiculous numbers of them, and we should so switch over to cloth, but we just haven’t been able to make that jump yet…there’s another review over at Grist similar to the toilet paper reviews, comparing different brands of paper towel, but honestly it’s the first comment on that one that hits it on the head: the best paper towel is no paper towel.)



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  1. From a health perspective, it is important to not only think about the eco-friendly benefits, but also the health benefits. If I were your family, I’d try to focus more on limiting the paper towel use than switching to cloth towels.

    • greenmomintheburbs

      Well, naturally I’m not talking about having a single dirty cloth that gets used for everything from wiping up chicken juice on the counter to drying clean pans to wiping my kids’ mouths after they eat. There are lots of health-conscious ways to shift to permanent rather than disposable toweling in the kitchen, cloth napkins, re-usable cleaning cloths…if one is careful, has a plan for keeping cloths for various uses separate, and does the laundry diligently, it can be very safe. has some good suggestions…

  2. you know, we slowly moved to the unbleached paper towels… to me trying to use cloths for cleaning the bathroom (no paper towel at all!) and then we just didn’t buy paper towel… it wasn’t there anymore.

    of course you’re not going to reuse a cloth that has been used for cleaning up chicken juice… i mean, that is completely ridiculous.

    BUT- since when do you spill chicken juice all over everywhere? honestly, these bacteria contaminated incidents happen far less often.

    we have a dishcloth for the dishes that gets put in the wash every other day, i have rags or ugly cloths that i use to clean the bathroom, and we use plates for toast, crackers etc (i’ve seen so many families use paper towel for these little things).

    You can totally do it, but i completely understand- the transition takes time and it’s ok if it doesn’t happen overnight 🙂

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