This doesn’t compute…

My computer is old.

Now, I’m really honestly not a bells and whistles kind of person, nor do I need the shiniest newest version of what everyone else has. (Ask my husband; we’re in negotiations about what kind of car to get when we retire the old minivan, currently at 130k and beginning to decline, and he wants New and Shiny Optiony while I want Used and Basic…this should be interesting…and no doubt there will be a post about it at some point.) (For more on our Difference Of Paradigm where gadgets are concerned, see my post about buying a new lawnmower)  But this thing is between 5 and 7 years old, and it’s been in use literally every day of those years. Now, I may not be a true computer geek, so I may not know what I’m talking about, but even for someone anti-disposable-keep-it-till-it-keels-over-in-a-puddle like me it does seem reasonable to assume that when a piece of delicate designed-for-obsolescence-in-2-years hardware is around and working literally every day for 5+ years, some of the innards are going to begin to wear out, or get dust particles in them, or not make connections the way they used to. (Hey, it happens to all of us.)

Anyway, to make a long story whinier, I really would love a new computer. My monitor is fine, my speakers are fine, it’s just the tower itself that desperately needs replacement. So, me being me, I went to work with the research. This is not exactly a time when we’re prepared to sink dollars into this.  But my computer stinks.  So I’m researching anyway.  Just to be prepared. Just in case. You never know, right?

And–who knew?–there is now a green direction to look for new computers as well. The Energy Star website has a place where you can actively look for computers with the Energy Star power rating.  Greenpeace–good old crunchy Greenpeace–has a “greener electronics guide.”    And Dell…Dell has the (sigh) Studio Hybrid  .  Just check out this inexpensive, small sized, Energy Star Gold rated little cutie…I ran through all the options I’d want/need (considering I don’t need monitor, speakers, etc. and our office has its own security stuff) and it’s still well under a thousand bucks (and I could probably do with even less than that).  And it’s just gone on sale, too.

Studio Hybrid Desktop

This is a seriously reasonable little machine–and I wouldn’t even know how to calculate how little power it actually uses and what that gold energy rating would mean to a whole office of people with these things and the building’s power bill when all’s said and done.

I can dream, can’t I?




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