Dreamsicles, take deux.

You may recall a past entry  in which I followed someone else’s recipe for making one’s own dreamsicles, only to find that my misgivings upon reading it were well-founded, and I realized I’d just made my kids some slightly vanilla-flavored orange juice popsicles.

So today I tried again.  Much better, and very easy.

Healthy Dreamsicles

  • Whisk 6oz cup vanilla yogurt (fat content up to you!) till creamy.
  • Whisk in 6 oz. orange juice; drizzle in as you go and it won’t lump.
  • Add 1 tbs. maple syrup, agave nectar, or honey (opt–it’s actually really nice without!) and a little vanilla extract (also opt!) and stir well
  • Pour into popsicle molds, dixie cups with sticks, or whatever makeshift ice pop method you prefer.
  • Freeze and eat.

I admit that I can taste the telltale yogurt tang in there that’s a dead giveaway.  (Bad greenmom I; I never have managed to love yogurt and have developed many ways to disguise it because I know it’s good for me.) But aside from that, this is really close to my memories of the grade school dreamsicle…




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