Taste of Westmont–our town summer festival

Okay, so Summerfest it’s not.  But several blocks of Cass Avenue are blocked off, there are carnival rides for kids, games, booths for various local businesses (at least I assume they were local) and of course lots and lots of food from local vendors.

I met a lovely woman with her own green business–Ann Brixie has a web business called “Green Life” (www.shopgreenlife.com) , from which she sells stuff like waste free lunchboxes, reusable shopping bags that fold up into their own little pouch (I so have to get a couple of those; I love my string bags, but they keep getting tangled up in things!), earth-friendly water bottles that won’t leach plasticky weirdness into your water, and such.  I chatted with her for a while–her whole business came about pretty much the way this blog did–she’s an ordinary woman trying to live life in the burbs and raise kids on the generally horrific schedule of Today’s Mom, and wasn’t finding the resources she needed.  So she went out and started to provide them herself, which I think is awesome.

Aside from Ann…well, there wasn’t a lot green about the Taste of Westmont.  Vast and scary amounts of trash generated, way too many beverages served in styrofoam, and the only way one could get water was to buy it. In a plastic bottle.

Except…for the church.  Westmont Bible Church, I’m pretty sure, on Cass just north of the tracks.  They sat outside the church with a giant jug of water and paper cups (or they’d refill whatever you had) and just handed out free water all day.  And in their parking lot wherethe youth group had their mini-golf thing set up, side by side with the garbage cans there were recycling bins.  They were un-pushy, didn’t proseletyse at all, but were just a lovely presence there all day.  Not that I didn’t appreciate the other churches there who were handing out fans to cool off, or little candy prizes and balloons for the kids and all, but this church brought water.  (Rather biblical, actually, when you think about it. Oh, let all who thirst…)

Free water and recycling bins. Score one for the Jesus People.



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