Fudgesicles and dreamsicles…this looks interesting…

Okay, not to get anyone too excited–this isn’t the recipe yet.  But it’s occurred to me that one could probably make those lovely treats we used to all go nuts for as children, and make them in a much healthier way than when we were kids…

Experiments to come.  First I have to make more yogurt.  Or just punt for this time and buy some that’s already made…

2 hours later: Okay, me being me, I of course couldn’t wait.  So I went experimenting, pretty much as soon as I remembered that I had bought a quart of plain nonfat yogurt yesterday (we put a dollop on the dogs’ food daily.)

Two recipes, reviews to come:


  • Stir together 1 tbs cocoa powder (unsweetened) and 2 tbs sugar. Drizzle in a little hot tap water and stir to make a paste.
  • Mix in 1 cup plain nonfat yogurt (or to taste)
  • Try to refrain from eating it all standing at the counter. (Put down the spoon. Right now. Put it down, I say!)
  • Pour into popsicle molds, paper cups (not as green!), or even ice cube trays
  • Stick popsicle sticks (recycled?), chopsticks, or whatever works–I use some of the plastic utensils that never seem to get used around the house from before my green days. Re-usable sticks are probably best. If your mixture isn’t thick enough for them to remain upright, put a layer of cling wrap or foil over the top and stick the sticks through.
  • Freeze till solid.  Eat. Share with your kids.  Really.

VERDICT: Very nice. However, it really doesn’t taste anything at all like the fudgesicles we used to get when I was a kid.  It tastes like chocolate frozen yogurt on a stick. Which is of course exactly what it is.  Trying it with ordinary milk, maybe milk with some powdered milk mixed in, might do the trick…(okay, yeah, using half and half or whipping cream would probably really do the trick, but I’m so not going there…)

Dreamsicles (sort of…these don’t have the white inner layer we remember from childhood, but the flavor seems pretty darn close!)

  • In a bowl mix 1 cup orange juice, 2 tbs. plain nonfat yogurt, 1 tbs sweetener (I used agave syrup; maple or honey would probably be nice), and a few drops of vanilla extract. You may need an electric mixer or blender to really break up the yogurt.  I also suspect that 3 tbs vanilla yogurt would probably take care of the sweetener, though I’d probably add the vanilla extract anyway.  In fact, I’d guess that the whole yogurt/juice ratio could be very subjective.
  • Pour into popsicle molds or whatever else (see fudgesicle recipe for thoughts); here you will definitely need the cling wrap or foil to make the sticks stand up, since this recipe is much thinner.
  • Freeze. Eat. Share. If you want to.

VERDICT: again, very nummy, not much like the original childhood favorite.  I took the basic proportions for this recipe from another version and thought at the time that it would need more milk-yogurt-vanilla to pull it off, and I was right–these were slightly vanilla flavored orange popsicles. Next time I’ll try equal parts vanilla yogurt and oj…(EDIT: updated and improved recipe is here: https://greenmomintheburbs.wordpress.com/2009/07/23/dreamsicles-take-deux/)

I tasted the pre-frozen goo for each, and it’s fairly yummy…can’t wait for the final product. I’ll update this post  again when we’ve tried them. (Done! Update for the update to come eventually too…)



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  1. Maria Bernhardt

    We have many different popsicle molds. My favorite stuff to put in them is applesauce – summer strawberry (no added sugar) and granny smith are the kids’ favorites. It’s better than juice because the melt factor is reduced.
    I also reuse the cups the flavored applesauce comes in. They’re great for keeping peas from rolling all over the kids’ plate; fill it up with applesauce or yogurt from the big jar and no mess on the plate; or craft projects.

    • greenmomintheburbs

      Ooh, those are good ideas…popsicle molds are among those things that I would never have thought of as putting in the “worth its shelf space” kind of category, but now that you mention it, it’s sort of a no-brainer, isn’t it? (Of course, you live in Florida, so it’d be a real year-round thing for you.) I need to get me some of those…the dreamsicle things I gave the kids the other day made me incrediby popular, and I was the only one who had to know how healthy they were…

      Come to think of it (and this is a post for another time), my kids and others in their circles don’t seem to take the same approach to “healthy” as I did when I was a kid–back then, “healthy” equalled “boring” and “not healthy” equalled “tastes good and fun to eat.” Bear and Peanut, when there is something they like and I then say, “and it’s really healthy for you too!” add an extra “COOL!!” on top of the previous happiness, maybe just because they know if it’s healthy mom will actually let them eat it fairly frequently.

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