The Story of Stuff

I’m going to take this quick opportunity to invite folks to take a few minutes (okay, more like 20, so settle in) to watch a fairly fascinating and scary video:

She’s anything but unbiased, and some of her statements are heavily slanted, but it’s still really really interesting…

And then you can go to the next site in the line,, which has some really good basic ideas for shifting our outlook…this site was one of the things that kicked my butt into greengear, so I offer it to you as well.



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  1. This video doesn’t even make sense, and yet you want to push it? Tell you what, watch Lee Corvan’s The Critique because obviously you are wrapped up in talking points rather than the facts. For example, having spent time in China, I can tell you that corporations setting up shop there has been a good thing. Many of my former students now work for these companies using the English I taught them to make far more money than both their parents combined. Matter of fact, one girl (not my student, a student though of another ESL teacher) was making 4500 Y a month, more than double what both her parents made IN A YEAR. Because of an American shipping company, her quality of life has risen.

    Learn the facts and get your head out of the clouds… Pathetic…

  2. greenmomintheburbs

    (Cool! My first troll! I must be rising in the blogosphere!)

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