Homemade baby food!

I am so excited–a young mom I know just told me that now that her son is 7 months old and starting to eat solids (Hurray! She nursed exclusively for the first six months and beyond!), she is going to learn to puree her own baby food for him (Hurray! Lots of money saved, much more control over what he’s eating!). Honestly, though I hadn’t really known about the green thing four years ago when I was feeding baby food to a kid, it’s probably not hard at all–like anything else, you make it in quantity and freeze it in small portions, like the size of an ice cube in an ice cube tray…there are, of course, about 5,398,235 websites to tell you how to make baby food (including http://www.wholesomebabyfood.com/, which seems to be a fairly basic resource–though I am suspicious of  “wholesome do it yourself” websites that advertise for big chain products or stores), but honestly what’s to teach? I mean, I guess one would need to know how to steam a sweet potato and use a blender, but my approach would probably be to see what they’re selling in the stores and make that, you know? And/or whatever the kid will eat.  As I recall, we did a lot of “apple and” baby foods, because both kids would eat stuff with apple in it that they wouldn’t eat without…

I feel like there’s hope for the world.




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  1. Maria Bernhardt

    Oh, I’m feeling so proud of myself. Mary Bryce had all homemade baby food. I’d do what you listed – steamed/boiled/baked the veggies; whizzed them in a tiny $10 food processor; froze them in ice-cube trays; bagged them in marked sandwich baggies; and mixed them up with rice cereal or oatmeal after a gentle nuke.
    Her favorite was turnip and broccoli mixed and sweet potato (just mushed up from my plate).
    Rebecca never took anything she couldn’t pick up for the first year and half of life. She nursed 80% and ate cheerios.

    Big tip for new parents – dilute juice if you give it at all. Stick with nursing and water as long as possible. MB doesn’t like juice and R will only take it 50/50. Kids should get the equivalent of one juice box of juice a day. And don’t let Mott’s Tots fool you – it may already be diluted, but they’re still getting a full sweet flavor. Same with those Roaring Waters. It’s developing a taste for super-sweet all the time.

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