Novel forms of exercise

I’m attending a big convention thing this week.  At one of those convention centers where all the hotels are connected by Habittrails…er…skywalks…and you can get wherever you want to go without actually leaving the building. (Aside from not quite loving breathing nothing but a/c air for ten hours at a stretch, this is a good thing, because at ground level you can’t necessarily get where you want to go due to construction, busy streets, buildings, etc.)

The catch is that the parking lot is a good quarter mile by habittrail from the convention center, and the nearest hotel almost double that.  And every room seems to be far away from every other room. And despite there being plenty of time to get where you need to go, one seems to always be in a hurry.  And one is also usually carrying a couple of bags of heavy Stuff one picked up or purchased in the exhibit hall or at a showcase or something.

One way or the other–this week I’m going to be walking A LOT.

And I’m re-reminded of why you don’t so often see fat Europeans or New Yorkers; the whole “walking as best and most efficient method to get where you want to go” mindset is something we’ve lost in the burbs, or the Midwest, or wherever we’ve lost it from–that convention center is designed so that walking is the best way to get where you’re going.  Life in the suburbs is not–it’s really hard to walk most places, with no sidewalks, busy intersections with no “walk” signals, strip malls with fences in between them so you have to wander for days to even find a route…

I need to walk more. Seriously.


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