Another lovely dinner–Chicken Fajitas recipe

We had another really nice dinner tonight, that took maybe 15 minutes to cook and left everyone happy.

Al had bought a rotisserie chicken the other night (this is what happens when I don’t have time to go shopping, he goes when he’s hungry and buys all this stuff I wouldn’t buy…on the other hand, we got two good meals out of it, family of four.) and there was about one breast and most of a thigh worth of leftovers. 

Chicken Fajitas

Toss in a skillet on medium high heat: a little oil, some sliced onions, some sliced bell peppers; saute till just beginning to soften.
Season with a little cumin, garlic, fajita seasoning, whatever you’ve got.
Toss in cooked chicken, cut into strips. Throw into skillet.
Lower heat, cover and let sit till chicken is heated through.

Serve on tortillas (corn or wheat–we prefer corn) with salsa, lettuce, tomatoes, grated cheese, yogurt cheese or sour cream, and other fixins.

(Our kids ate quesadillas, tortillas with melted cheese, because they are too picky to eat anything else…)

Then for dessert I pulled out the ice cream maker and we had homemade chocolate frozen yogurt (i.e. I squeezed chocolate syrup into the plain yogurt) and raspberry sauce (recipe at ) for dessert.  Everyone was happy.

And our Roma plant has about 9 little tomatoes growing on it, and the cukes look like they’re doing well…


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