Crockpot+chicken pieces+jar of sauce=dinner.

And by the way…leftovers + broth + whatever’s in the fridge=dinner tomorrow.

I think I’ve mentioned before the Wonderful Ease involved with throwing chicken breasts, some vegetables, and a jar of Some Sauce From Your Pantry (or salsa, or pasta sauce, or whatever) into the crockpot and cooking for 8 hours on low or 4 hours on high.  The stretch-the-end-and-make-soup method works for pretty much every one of those, too.   The Crockpot Green Chili recipe with broth and some extra veggies and beans and corn and stuff works like a charm.

Frozen chopped spinach is wonderful in soup.  Wait till the last 5 minutes and throw a handful into almost anything; I have yet to meet a soup (okay, except for some schmantzy bisques, which I don’t cook anyway) that couldn’t benefit from a handful of chopped spinach.

I love getting domesticity points with very little effort put in. 🙂


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