Chicken Chili reinvented as Chicken Tacos…

Oh by the way, remember that crockpot green chili?

It makes a very yummy taco or burrito filling.

That crockpot chili recipe I made a few days ago made a really good taco filling tonight.  It would probably do well in burritos too, with some brown rice and more beans, and maybe some fresh veggies.

Tonight’s dinner: we grilled up some corn tortillas, put some rice, leftover chicken chili, and salsa on it (I meant to put a dollop of yogurt in mine, since I don’t do sour cream but love the taste of it–yogurt is an acceptable substitute), and ate it in taco form.  A burrito would probably be even better.  The chili in general needed about twice as many beans, to my taste–too chickeny

On the other end of the spectrum….

Last night’s dinner was–shudder–Popeye’s chicken and biscuits, eaten in the family room while watching Despereaux, my daughter’s favorite (for the moment) birthday present. Ugh–something like that kills any sense of healthy greenness probably for the week, But it tasted so good…

I need to detox or something now, though…I feel like a lump, AND I’m craving bad foods in a way I wasn’t before last night.

We do Popeyes maybe MAYBE 2 or 3 times a year.  I think we may need to reduce even that.

It’s been a really crappy week, though.  Not that that should be an excuse to put highly caloric chemical crap into my body and think that’ll make anything better.  Chocolate…now that’s different.  But Popeye’s chicken has really nothing redeeming about it. Except that lovely salty crunch…

But I’m not going to think about that any more.


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