Shut up, kid, and eat your broccoli stew.

Had an interesting encounter with one of my daughter’s classmates the other day. This little girl came up to me when I stopped in the kids’ classroom and said to me confidentially about my daughter, “Did you KNOW she almost never brings anything healthy in her lunch?”

Pushy kid. (Okay, she’s adorable, but she’s very Strong In Personality.)  Who does she think makes the lunch?

My daughter’s lunch, most days, consists of some variation on the following: homemade plain lowfat yogurt with honey or maple syrup and a little cinnamon drizzled on top (or, okay, chocolate syrup sometimes), a little tupperware thing with cheese curds and whole grain crackers, and another little thing with, for example, a mixture of cereal and raisins.  Yes, it’s all sort of “snacky” food, but it’s GOOD snacky food, and it covers a wide variety of different food groups.  I’d vary it more if I could get her to eat a greater variety, but this is usually what she’ll eat. 

(Our school, by the way, does “trash free” lunches, where we are to send food in reusable containers wherever possible.  It’s been surprisingly easy, and in fact was the beginning of my mission to cut down our garbage production footprint.)

Is a salami sandwich on Wonder bread, or whatever variation thereon one tried, really a “better” lunch than this?

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