Spring is springing

My husband is a good man.

I had to work all day today, and he spent the day not only keeping the kids from killing each other, but he also dug out the barberry bushes in the front yard that we no longer want. (A friend is coming to take them, which is a good thing.  I hate to destroy perfectly good living plants, but I also don’t want my kids running around a yard full of thorn bushes.)

If I weren’t so damn tired, I’d be out there tonight planting the yarrow there, but I am pretty damn tired, so I think I’ll wait till tomorrow after work.  And I may stop and pick up some echinacea at the garden place anyway…my friend Nancy said she’d give me some echinacea, but I have no idea when, and the spring she is a-flying…

The backyard herbs seem to be doing okay in their raised-bed-over-swamp…the orange mint is a little questionable, but the lavender and balm seem to be taking okay.  And I don’t think anything can kill mint for long, so I’m hoping orange buddy will make it.  The ones in front are mostly okay, although the English Thyme is looking a little fadey.  It was the smallest of them all and came with the smallest root system, so I don’t know how it will do.

Eventually on here I’ll post some of my favorite herb recipes, but my very favorite is actually the easiest, and it only works while the lavender is in bloom.  One night a couple of springs ago when my insomnia was giving me trouble, I poured a mug of milk, and dropped two lavender flower tops into it like stirring-sticks. I think I put a spoon of sugar in it too (my weakness).  Then I just heated it up in the microwave.

The lavender flavor was delicate and sweet, so much fresher and sweeter than the tinctures or dried flowers can give.  And I slept like a baby.  I think I did that every night before bed until they stopped blooming.

I got two bushes this time because I never seemed to get enough flowers from one to make enough tincture–one spring’s worth barely gets me through the year, and I’d love to use some for liqueur. (Lavender flower liqueur, now there’s a sweet ticket straight to dreamland!)

The greenmama gets a failing greengrade today–I had a bottle of water at lunch (I never drink bottled water, but it was what they served us), and instead of cooking something sustainable and lovely we ordered Chinese.  At least it comes in cardboard instead of styrofoam. But it was a helluva long day.



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